biobricks-ai / fda

Path Size Number of Files
data/ApprovedCompanionDiagnosticDevices.parquet 12.6 kB None
data/NucleicAcidTestsHumanGenetics.parquet 9.7 kB None
data/NucleicAcidTestsMicrobial.parquet 18.4 kB None
data/drug_event/drug-event.parquet 154.9 MB None
data/drug_label/drug-label.parquet 2.3 GB None
data/drugs_fda/drug-drugsfda.parquet 7.0 MB None
data/enforcement/drug-enforcement.parquet 3.3 MB None
data/ndc/drug-ndc.parquet 27.9 MB None
data/pharmacogenomic-biomarkers.parquet 12.1 kB None


U.S. Food and Drug Administration database


To install BioBricks and get the fda brick:

> pipx install biobricks
> biobricks configure
> biobricks install fda